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Tourist Attractions

Hotel Bielsko-Biała

The hotel is an attractive starting point for hiking trips along numerous trails in the Silesian Beskids. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are just a short distance away and you should not skip a visit to your old haunts while staying here in the Podbeskidzie region.

Explore the charm and beauty of the region with its multitude of hiking trails and mountain shelters; see the vestiges of nearby border crossings from a bygone era, and take advantage of numerous ski lifts; make a trip to two large water reservoirs and follow a corridor dug deep into the mountain to see the mysterious heart of the big power plant; swim in the city public swimming pools and do not forget to take in our abundant historic objects.

Learn the interesting history of the region; its people of various ethnic origins; the great Jewish philanthropists; the mix of numerous religions and secret meetings of Protestants during the Counter-Reformation times; see decommissioned Bielsko streetcars which outdate their Cracow and Warsaw counterparts; find out about the legendary “Little Fiat” that used to be manufactured here; and finally, meet the world-famous cartoon characters – Bolek and Lolek…

Whether you enjoy close contact with pristine nature; or look for soothing leisure experience; or you like mountain hiking; or your passion is history and historic relics – you have chosen well to come here.
Some of the tourist attractions include:

Tavern at Dębowiec

Playground at Dębowiec

Kirk at Dębowiec

Tobogganing (all-year-round)

Educational path at Dębowiec

Gym at Dębowiec

Enduro – Szyndzielnia

Old Station at Szyndzielnia